By the end of 2019, Firstbrave has targeted 47 million infringing links after monitoring more than 100 thousand platforms and 60 thousand self-media accounts on 8.12 million copyrighted works. As for the infringements spotted, Firstbrave has sent 3.6 million takedown notification letters and has taken down over 31.6 million infringing links.




TV Series




Short Video




Sport Games


6 sub-platforms monitoring all types of copyrighted works at major websites, APPs, OTT devices as well as WeChat public accounts, search engines and individual websites on 24*7 basis.

Film & TV monitoring

theatrical films, TV series, animation, shows, short films, PGC, etc.

Sport Game monitoring

live broadcast and on-demand monitoring and protection of popular sports events such as basketball and football.

Online Music Monitoring

debut singles, original music, audiobooks, music radios, etc.

Online literature & Self-media monitoring

online literature, WeChat public account and other original self-media content, newspapers, etc.

Image Monitoring

enterprise trademarks, brand pictures, photography, art design, etc.

Game IP monitoring

IP copyright protection for mobile games, console games and other games.



Dynamic distributed supervision system

Dynamic distributed supervision system

Provides content supervision service to authorities such as Guangzhou law enforcement team by realizing precise identification of sensitive content in forms of audio, literature, pictures, shows and etc.

Dynamic distributed supervision system
Government Supervision
Real-time AI content filtering system

Real-time AI content filtering system

Provides efficient content filtering service to major content platforms such as, by realizing precise identification of sensitive content in forms of video, audio, literature, pictures, shows and etc.

Real-time AI content filtering system
Content Filtering

Short-video AI distribution system

Short-video AI distribution system

Provides high quality copyrighted, customized and real-time AI editing and distributing service, real-time news monitoring service, media content searching service to video websites, online TV stations and other VOD platforms

Short-video AI distribution system
Copyright distribution

Copyright dissemination & influence analysis system

Copyright dissemination & influence analysis system

Provides precise, real-time and comprehensive dissemination and influence data of the monitored work, including forwarded times, viewers, likes, comments and other related indicators. Realizing multi-dimensional visualized dissemination analyze by applying content fingerprint algorithm.

Copyright dissemination & influence analysis system
Data Analyze
Case management & distribution system

Case management & distribution system

Provides systemic services including case distribution, forensic registering, litigation, case filling, case procedure, case closure and fee settlement.

Case management & distribution system
Copyright Enforcement
Online forensic evidence system

Online forensic evidence system

Provides systemic services endorsed by internet judicial departments including artificial evidence collect desk, remote record/screenshot, evidence retention, evidence download and etc.

Online forensic evidence system



About Firstbrave

Founded in 2011, FIRSTBRAVE is a copyright service and content provider empowered by AI and other IT technologies, providing copyright monitoring, copyright certification, electronic evidence collection and big-data services to the content creation industries.

FIRSTBRAVE’s mission is to tackle online piracy and to promote licensing for a healthier digital content ecological environment.

Through the YDog AI copyright big-data platform, FIRSTBRAVE provides copyright monitoring systems and services for various types of digital content including online games, images, videos, music and online literature, which are designed to meet the needs of copyright enforcement and illegitimate content filtering throughout the respective industries.


China Copyright Gold Award 2016 - Protection Award

Identified as a high-tech enterprise in 2016

2015 National Copyright Demonstration Unit

2015 Shanghai Copyright demonstration unit

Official Cooperations

  • SwordNet Action Technology Support Unit of the State Copyright Administration
  • Technology and Operating Unit of 12426 Copyright Monitoring Center
  • Technology and Operating Unit of Beijing Copyright Monitoring Center
  • Copyright Public Service Platform of Shanghai Copyright Bureau


  • National Copyright Administration of PRC

    National Copyright Administration of PRC

  • China Copyright Association

    China Copyright Association

  • Beijing Copyright Administration

    Beijing Copyright Administration

  • Shanghai Copyright Administration

    Shanghai Copyright Administration

  • CNTV


  • youku&tudou

    Youku Tudou

  • Sohu Videos

    Sohu Videos

  • PP TV

    PP TV



  • H.Brothers


  • BONA


  • Wanda Media

    Wanda Film

  • 51TV


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